Passionate about savoring every moment of this precious life.... 

Jackie Burke 

After attending a number of births as a photographer and witnessing just how much of a difference a doula can make I decided to began the process of certification with DONA international. I have had doula present at three of my own births and knew they made a tangible in birth outcomes but actually witnessing it as a bystander really drove it home for me! 
 Women supporting women during childbirth is an ancient tradition. Having a birth doula has proven to increase the likely hood of a positive, uncomplicated birth. I love getting to be a part of this beautiful tradition! I feel like every women could benefit from the support and expertise a doula has to offer, no matter the kind of birth they have planned! 

Supporting you through one of the most important events in your life. 


I have always had an interest in photography. I remember getting one of those polaroid i-zone cameras as a child (you know the little ones that instantly printed mini photos.) I used to photograph everything from that little thing! From there I went through numerous 'point and shoot' cameras. As my interest grew into a passion I upgraded to the canon line of DSLR cameras. 
 Over the past several years I began to hone in on my passion for family photography. I love working with families as they grow and change through the years. I will never stop feeling joy over seeing a baby that I photographed coming into the world grow and reach milestones. This is the art I live for!

Capturing all the precious moments of your life.